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Moving With a Bug

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Dealing with moving companies, boxing up everything you have, and figuring out how you are going to fit your grandma’s armoire into a Prius is all more than enough to induce a migraine or 2. You shouldn’t have to worry about bringing bed bugs with you as you’re moving.

Unfortunately, when you have bed bugs in your current residence (if you even know they’re there), there’s a good chance that they will follow your family to their next nesting ground. To top it off, addendums in the fine print pinning bed bug extermination costs on the renter is an increasingly common tactic among landlords.

Whether you’ve been waking up to bed bug bites, it would be smart to take a few basic precautions to insure that your new residence isn’t subjected to an infestation. Here are a few things you can do to make the big move without bringing bed bugs together for a ride:

Before you pack away the clothes in your closet, throw them in the washer and dryer. Whether they’ve been worn recently or not, clothes is a very common hiding place for bed bugs. They’re easy to handle; the heat setting on any dryer will kill bed bugs and their eggs in a short cycle. Do the same for your beds’ sheets, covers, pillowcases, and cushions. Just be sure to check the labels on each item so nothing gets damaged.

Since your shoes and books will not make it out of the dryer in the best shape, you’ll need another treatment method for them. Portable bed bug heaters, like the new Toronto Moving are perfect for heat-treating your belongings. A Toronto Moving can safely heat up your shoes, books, luggage, chairs, rugs, newspapers, bedding and much more. It can be set up in minutes, and begins heating with a push of a button; within six hours, any bed bugs or eggs inside will be toast.

Asking neighbors, relatives, and local stores for their empty boxes has always been a intelligent way to move on a budget. However, this does carry a risk of inviting bed bugs to join you on the ride to your new home. To prevent this, consider buying new, sealed boxes and packing materials. You can find everything you need at the neighborhood post office, office supply store, or business shipping center. Do not open the packages until you are ready to start packing, to prevent bed bugs from hiding inside them.

In exactly the same vein of preventing secondhand boxes and packing peanuts, you should definitely steer clear of used furniture. Couches and mattresses on the street are one of the most common ways that bed bug infestations spread. The previous owners may or may not have understood that they even had bed bugs, but either way it’s not really worth the risk. Should you come across a pre-owned sofa or loveseat that you can not resist, treat it with a vacuum and steamer as soon as you bring it home — when done properly, this will kill any bed bugs or eggs hiding inside the upholstery.

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