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Before you can start packing for a move, you need to have a few vital questions answered in order to complete the packing process quickly, safely and on time. It is no secret that a score of various moving related tasks accompany each case of a residential move, but the sheer mention of the word packing for a move can go as far as to cause fright and strike panic in most home movers. Packing up an entire home is definitely the most time consuming process during the moving preparations – a pre-move project that can easily go out of hand if a person commits the rookie mistake of underestimating its importance.

To help you have a smooth packing experience, we have prepared a list of the top 5 golden rules when packing for a move. We’re saying packing rules instead of packing tips because we believe that the following fundamental packing principles are much more than just moving advice – they are essential prerequisites that will determine the success of the whole relocation affair.

Golden packing rule #1: Reduce the number of items to pack to their minimum
The first golden rule when packing up your home states that you should take as few household items and personal belongings to your new home as possible. If you happen to doubt the effectiveness of this first packing rule, just take a look of the clear advantages it will bring for you:

Packing fewer items will save you plenty of precious pre-move time.
Packing a reduced number of possessions will save you money simply because your final relocation price depends on the total weight of your shipment.
Packing only what you need will save you extra money because you will end up using fewer packing materials as a result.
Packing up fewer belongings will guarantee that you won’t have to worry about any lack of sufficient space in your new residence.
And now that you understand better the benefits of packing only what you need and will use in the foreseeable future, it’s time to inventory your entire home and decide that to do with each and every item found in your soon-to-be old house or apartment.

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Golden packing rule #2: Do not postpone the start of your packing marathon

One of the most common packing mistakes when moving house is the illogical decision to leave packing for later. The arduous packing process is often underestimated in terms of time needed to complete the task, and that underestimation alone can prove to be too costly in the end. After all, it’s one thing to think that packing up your garage will take 1 day, and an entirely different matter to realize it’s Day 3 and you still haven’t finished preparing your storage area for the upcoming relocation.

The second golden rule of packing states that you should begin boxing up your household possessions as soon as your residential move is confirmed. Procrastination can be a dangerous habit, especially when it comes to the notoriously chaotic event of relocating to a new home. This is why you’re strongly recommended to first create a moving calendar and then include all packing jobs with the high priority they deserve.

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