What to Consider When You’re Moving with Children

///What to Consider When You’re Moving with Children

Moving with Children, Toronto Moving Company

Tips to Know When You Are Moving with Children

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The decision is now final. You’ve accepted the promotion and narrowed down the list of potential new homes, and you’ll be moving soon. Now comes the hardest part — planning the move and telling the kids. Whether moving out of state or just around the block, children and adolescents typically aren’t thrilled by such an event. In fact, they rarely relish change of this magnitude. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease the transition. Your attitude about moving and your willingness to let your children share in the experience will influence their feelings. Try  following these tips to make moving with children as anxiety-free as possible.

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Have A Family Meeting

Moving with Children

Find Tips for Moving with Children!

Call a family meeting. Order some pizza and gather around the dining room table for a casual dinner and lots of conversation. If you’re moving because of a promotion or a new job, tell your children that you’re excited about it. Explain why you took it and how it will impact the entire family. Tell them how you feel about the move. Encourage them to express their feelings and concerns. If this is their first time moving, it could be particularly difficult because they’re leaving their family home. Share with them your first-move experience. Let them know you’ll be depending on them to help out during the move, from packing to settling in to the new place.

If possible, involve your children, especially if they’re older, in the selection process of the new home. Once you’ve narrowed the choices down to two or three houses, get some feedback from the kids. If where you’re moving to is within a reasonable driving distance, take them to see the homes. If you’re moving to another city, show them photos of each home, describe the neighborhoods in detail and, if you can, take a virtual tour online. Ask them to share their three favorite things about each house. Let them know you’ll take their comments into consideration when making the final decision. After you’ve picked the house, keep them posted through the process. Have a little celebration once you know you’ve got the house.

Involve Your Children

Let the kids know that now is a great time to cut through the clutter. Throughout the house, there’s bound to be a plethora of things that do not need to accompany you to the new home. Get the kids to help you go through the house, room by room, to identify what should go with you and what you could get rid of. Let them know that you don’t want to toss everything. It’s OK to keep certain things that hold important memories. However, items — be they clothes, toys or electronics — that are no longer used, should be closely considered for the toss pile. And you don’t have to toss them … you can sell them.

Try to learn as much as possible about the new neighborhood, community and town. Share what you find with your kids. You don’t have to make everything sound wonderful; honest, matter-of-fact information will be most helpful in the long run. If you oversell things and raise expectations, there’s room for disappointment. Encourage your kids to do their own research. With your help, they can go online and look up community and school Web sites. You could also find copies of some local magazines and a weekend edition of the local paper. You’ll be able to learn about community organizations and groups, school events and sports, and other social and civic activities.

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